CMLW Consulting's founder Kate Watson has been working in and around the technology sector for over 30 years and during that time there have been many changes however the fundamental questions in organisations remain the same;

1. How can I streamline my processes to improve my service to my clients?

2. How can I ensure that my organisation and team stay up to date with critical elements of the business?

3. How can I ensure that my organisation is able to respond to change when needed?

4. How can I make sure I attract the best clients, suppliers and colleagues to my organisation?

Working with many different sectors over the years including Insurance, Financial, Property, Legal, Marine, Engineering and Construction to name a few has allowed Kate to build a significant knowledge base of what works and what doesn't and how to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals. In addition to this CMLW Consultancy is able to call on a significant pool of specialist and committed talent to ensure that we have the best people helping us to address the questions above and work with you to achieve success.